Thursday, April 14, 2011

should politicians have retirement age ?

That was a question posted by one of my dear friend on facebook and some people inclusind me answered to it.
Gandhi, Periyar, Anna, Anna hazare and Kamarajar and many more old guys fought and done things for us. What ever today we are is because of those old guys. Iam very proud of them. Whether its politics or any other area age does not matter, instead we should see whether they are stupid are not and it so simple to measure the stupidity of a person, because the young guys are good at it.
Next big question is whether education is necessary to be a politician or a leader, by asking such stupid question, she/he is making a fool by himself. The answer is why don you fucking get inside politics. You don get inside because your educated and you want a secure life, then why the fuck are you asking this. Get inside anything and ask this question.
After this machine called Computer was invented, the only guys who got spoiled out of it is our Indians. Get a safe job at some software company, open a fb account and just write anything about anything.
We have forgotten that Indian population is mostly based on agriculture than anything else, but we have forgotten that. Today what ever issue discussed is all about the urban educated safe livers. We have forgotten people who live in non-Metros and non-city or uneducated. It was capitalism VS daily waged labor. But now its educated urbans VS poor villagers. Its not between corrupt and uncorrupted guys.

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