Friday, April 22, 2011


It was in the third or final year i don, but i remember it was Lapis hostel TV room. The northi and some NRI gang was watching star movies. I can remember only Saiz, pana mudhala balls, ma.pu.thi and sankar subbu, but there were few more with us. We, Tamil gang went in and protested to change it to SUN TV because some vijayakanth movie was going on(by the by we were hardcore fans of vijayakanth in those days, and even today) As usual we won the fight and they changed the channel, but the northi gang was sitting there very curiously to see, what made us go mad to fight with them.
Thats wen saiz came close to me and whispered, 'dawood, please don tell them that this fat dark guy is the hero of the film, if they ask u, just tell that hero has not yet be shown. Because if these guys come to know that we faught with them to see a movie, in which this fat old dark guy is the hero, iam sure they will kill us'. Our time was so bad that, one of the guys asked about, 'who da hero is'. I told them, he is yet to come, this dark guy in the film is a comedian. Moral of the story: even if you have a small dark mole with a diameter of 22 micron, you don stand a chance to be the hero in a hindi film, that's the only reason i could find, why thlaivar vijayakanth not entering into hindi cinema. By the by we got beaten up the next day, but only kasam was sacrifised.

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