Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The max right price for a mobile.

Some new phones are going to jump into the market this quarter like Motorola Atrix and HTC sensation S, Sony experia and arc.
I always wonder whats the right price for a mobile, when ever i buy one, but i could never judge. But recently since the high end phone had come, i had been carrying out a kind of market research on what's the max someone in India would pay for a phone. The answer is currently its 30,000 Indian rupees. Take iPhone 4 or 3GS it din do well in India, because of wrong pricing. I had spent the past few months talking to people who buy almost a phone in two to three months and all i could get was a max of 30k.

If its below 25k you will have real good no of people buying. And if its below 20, then thats what is happening to Defy, and if its less than 10k, then you will know the reason why Corby is selling hot cakes, even today.

30k max, mobile companies should realise.

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