Tuesday, April 12, 2011

some Android apps, hands on review

1.The first thing i downloaded on my Motorola Defy is Angry birds, then Angry birds seasons, in two days i cleared all the levels. Its real addictive game. Then came Rio, i loved it. These birds are real crazy guys. I loved the last level in Rio, where there is this blue colour bird which flies fast and straight when pressed. Angry birds is a must have one on any android device.

Facebook and Twitter are the usual apps which are there so I don want to talk about it.

I tried some 50 to 60 apps but i was completely disappointed, most of them are real useless things which just eat ur memory and CPU speed.

Some of them which impressed me and i still have them on my phone are.

1. Adobe Reader
2. Advance Task Killer (a must have one, this will save ur data consumed and CPU speed)
3. Dolphin browser and book mark (its faster than the browser which is already there on android)
4. AppsBrain (a must have, these will help u update ur apps and keep u posted on some real cool apps from market, this where i got almost all my apps)
5. Color note (this is one app which i use almost every day, taking notes and stuff)
6. File Expert (this will help you transfer files from comp to phone, and phone to comp using Wifi)
7. History eraser ( must have, this will help you erase all the read sms, calls and browsing history in one go, it saves a hell lot of time, doing things in one go)
8. My Tapu (its a amazing app which is something similar to Flipboard for iPhone, you get all the updates on one app from facbook, twitter and other site feeds and news, i love it)
9. Photoshop Express ( its a lighter and a amazingly simpler version of photoshop from Adobe, its reall cool and easy to edit image files, real helpful)
10. Google family apps like Gtalk, gmail, Google Maps, navigation, latitude and Places is something which is been very useful, i use these max than any other apps.
11. Quickoffice is one such app which helped me a lot reading all the documents, thanks to them.
12. xPiano, Urban Dictonary, Unblock Me Free, The Periodic Table, Traffic Lite, Hj lite, IMDB, Cubes Free, Countries of the World are few apps i downloaded, but i don use them much.
13. Save my Attach is one very useful stuff which will help you save attached documents from your mail to SD so that you can use them later.
14. NDTV and TOI are the only two news apps i have and this has helped me skip TV and news paper .
15. NewsHunt will be one cool app for news, it has all the indian news papers including all the regional ones, i have to download it today, i had used it on my LG Cookie pep earlier.

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