Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rajinikanth's innocence and Media's ignorance

Rajinikanth proves again that he listens, speaks and does things from heart. I'am not talking about, whom he voted for, but how he never bothered about the presence of media while he was voting. This is the innocence that makes people like Super star Rajinikanth.
On the other side, the people who were in-charge of the Stella Maris and Media where so ridiculously stupid and ignorant (about law) allowed to capture the footage of, to whom he voted and telecast-ed. Its not just about getting into someones personal things, its also a punishable criminal offence.

Some channels which also have newspapers broad-casted the event and then written about it in their papers shamelessly the next day saying, it's an offence.
Media has more responsibility than any other estate, because it reaches people every day. Lets be at least responsible.

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