Friday, October 10, 2008

Dhanam, a review

It's become a fashion to cast Sangeetha in a contreversial role ,that's the only advantage the movie has, apart from the story line.
The production value of the film looks as if the director had a attitue that "who ever takes up any role(other than sangeetha in the female lead),what ever we do, what ever bad art direction we have in the film,even if the dialouges are plasic,even if the comedy track is irritating...still the movie will run ,because we have a contreversial role for sngeetha,thats the USP of the film"

Two things other than the story line of the film which were good are,Girishkarnad's and Sangeetha's costume.
This film is a good example on how badly a movie can be made with a good story as a back bone.

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