Saturday, October 11, 2008


I have been really a big fan of X-Files ever since it was there on Star T.V as a serial when i was in school.I learned the meaning of the word Paranormal from Mulder and Scully.I was so happy to see X-Files on the big screen when the last film was released.Almost all the X-File fans expect something or the other related to Aliens and UFO stuff related thing in x-files,but this one really disappointed with a plot of 'Russians in their mission to creat a Fankastine Monster'.
I was sad that both ,Mulder and Scully looked really old(and also realising that how old am i).Since the first film had a big action sequence which had cool CG work in the last sequence ,i was expecting more in this one but i was seriously disappointed,but i got a chance to see them back again after a long time (i was happy with that ,the film ended).

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