Monday, October 6, 2008

few silly questions in my mind.....smoking banned

It's a amazing move to bann smoking in public places, hats off to health minister.It has really worked very well, atleast for now,i don know how far its going to sustain.The best example is ,today when i was travelling in a auto,for the first time in the whole of human and alien history a auto driver asked wheather he can smoke while driving to the passenger (the passenger was me :) ) i happily said "NO" and practised my rights happily and he din smoke.
But my silly questions are.
1.when government knows that smoking is harmful to earth and also to the environment (the global warming stuff) ,why is the govt allowing the companies to sell it.
when i ask this question i know that the first question will rise in the smokers mind is "they sell poison in the store do u buy it " wooooooow what an example.
a,have u ever seen a human poison bottle on which its written "human poison"( except films,even in films its just written poison)
b,poisions are made to kill roddents ,insects and stuff.There no such things as poisons to kill humans which are sold on stores except cigrates,alcohol, ghutkha and other tobacco related products.
c,second thing the smokers and the govt will ask is "revenue" ,how will the govt get revenue ,its going to be a loss.wooow again , the amount of money govt spends each year on public health related to the above products is more than the revenue they reveive out of it ,its basically a deficit or loss. why are these products being sold MR.HEALTH MINISTER.
The answer would be most probably "this is the beginning,we sure come that point at one point of time" silly question is "when u know that the end and beginning are at the same point why do choose the beginning "

I know that after all these questions asked , its still going to look silly...let it be silly but we will still keep on asking...only these silly questions have atleast brought in "bann on smoking in public places"


«charlie|thotti» said...

Certain flaws/ uninformed opinions in your post:
1. Tobacco isn't poison(does it kill you outright?). It is an addictive substance which is overabused. Think of it: will a ban be justified? How can it be justified? The cure to addiction is not outright outlawing; it is education.
2. There is more than revenue. It has a lot to do with thousands of farmers and their livelihoods.
3. If a college student starts smoking, let's identify whose fault it is. a) Govt's fault for having an abundant supply? b)student's parent's fault for not educating him? c)college's fault for not protecting him? d) peer pressure? e) no other avenues for the student to indulge his mood in?

Make no mistake: I am against smoking. The fault lies within ourselves also. My friends try to avoid me because I chide them for smoking. Our role is to make responsible suggestions, not, in your own words, silly ones.

Sheik Dawood G said...

1.i agree with u that its a addictive substance, poision not necessarly have to be a chemical

composition which kills some one instantaneously( more over there are compunds present in

tobacco related products which are poisonous , but it takes a long time to really kill some one)

, its just not a issu of addiction , its also a issue of cancer and stuff (does'nt it cause

cancer).We all know this but we are just scared to face ...(again people think its silly to so so

2.yes i agree, its also a issue of farmers who relay on tobacco farming.Again its a big political

game .Its like giving people jobs in a factory were they manufacture harmful compunds,one fine

day govt finds out that people who work there and the one who live around are getting deadly

disease out of it.The govt decides to close down the factory, the owner of the factory claims

that so many employees will loos their jobs,they will have no food to eat (practically speaking

,is'nt it not possible to find another job, or is'nt it the govt's responsible to provide econimic

rehab for them them ).so i think that's a enoung of anough of an example.
3.if some one smokes then its govt's responsibility , let me explain how ..who is govt (is it some alien who is ruling us ,no its us who have selected the govt,so inturn it leaves to us ,its the whole countries responsible ,that includes the family ,u and me too )
thanks for the input, i really appriciate ur view

Sheik Dawood G said...

and one more last thing, can you tell 3 harmful things that if stopped,will not effect the people and the families that supply them or do them.When ever u stop some thing defenately it wil effect the people economically ,who are involved in the business, its the govt's responsibility to find them something else to have a economic rehab....

«charlie|thotti» said...

On one hand, there is ranting about what is being done and cannot be, then there is... doing something about it...

The economic responsibilities of what you suggested, are not feasible, and if they are, it will be helpful if you can actually explain how it can be done. How about a more specific numerical plan about how to do it...

Sheik Dawood G said...

I have posted my answer as a separate post.
Thnaks for ur input