Friday, October 10, 2008

My sincere answer ,solutions.

There are two suggestions for ecnomic rehab of tobacco growing farmers.

1.There are lot other things that can be done with tobacco plants,other than using it to make cigarates,ghutka and other tobacco related chewing products.
One good exaple is (visit this page )


2.They can be taught on how to grow some other crop and get benifited better.
One good exaple is (visit this page )

Now in the above page, they had put that they are growing grapes for wine instead of tobacco,now u might ask me "is'nt wine bad ,even wine has alcohol" then my answer would the suggestion No.1 types, there are lot of other things that can be done with grapes like consuming it raw and drying it and using it, and grapes pay farmers good money.

On the above tobacco takes up the soil nutrient faster than other crops, so it needs not of fertilizer to be used and the soil goes dead after some times, so farmers actually spend hell lot of money on fertilizer,its bad both for soil and the pocket were they keep money.(u can google and find stuff if u have doubts)

On the above all just one or two clicks and right words on google if a common man like me can suggest then think about the IAS officers ,agriculturalists , PHDs(our scientific community) and the other PHDs(economist) in THE GOVT .I think its easy for them to find a good solution ,only problem is that ,they are bit lazy because of their big bellies


Sheik Dawood G said...

These are just examples,my only point is that,there are solutions.

«charlie|thotti» said...

Yes these are solutions but there are such obvious flaws, again.
Check out these links about grape cultivation(vineyards) and tobacco cultivation:
This section and then the whole article:
The most glaring difference is the temperature - grapes need a much cooler temperature. I am no agri expert but switching from cultivation of tobacco to a much more sophisticated preparation for grapes is difficult, and not as easy and cheap as you said.

About the anthrax vaccine: Yes it is a viable option. But is the market so big? Tobacco is consumed in large quantities - will a vaccine of all things be used again and again by the same person to maintain the same demand?

If you look at it optimistically, if all the people stopped smoking suddenly, then everyone will be forced to look for an alternative.

The solution is to stop the demand: Getting people to give up.

My challenge to you: Get people to stop smoking. With so many people already lethargic to taxes, the govt may not abolish the tobacco industry because of the tax revenue, but the govt will be helpless if there is no demand. And that is what, I believe, should be done.

Your answers.. are good places to start. But not entirely viable ones.

Sheik Dawood G said...

Thanks for ur reply.
In my earlier comments itself, i had put that it's an example(i had put it as an example to show that there other crops which can be cultivated instead of tobacco in a profitable manner,more over in places like nasik we do grow grapes ,and most of the owners have actually shifted from tobacco to grapes in the 80's).My point was that there are other ways,and since we are a land were we have good agri institutes ,the researchers can find better crops suiting the climate ,thats wat i meant.And the anthrax stuff to was also similar .

The demand and supply theory wat ur talking is correct, but practically speaking its a collective responsibility on the issue of stopping smoking ,as i said earlier,but to put a ban its a govt's responsibilty and to pressurise govt's its our responsibility.

Sheik Dawood G said...

When ever this argument of smoking stuff comes ,some people say its their civil right to choose on what to do and what not.thats real true ,but mostly when u see a smokers pattern of addiction,it starts when he/she is a minor,at that age he/she is not in a position to decide on what the kick gives.When he comes to a stage were he/she wants to stop it becomes difficult because ,it becomes a addiction .So the whole thing starts wen their minors (mostly) ,so its illegal already.

Sheik Dawood G said...

I think u have taken it totally wrong, i have just given examples..........