Friday, October 10, 2008

"Wanted" ,assistant directors for a tamil film.

For the past few months, when ever i meet some new director, the one thing that they ask is "Do you know someone for assisting me in my new film ?" wooow there is really a big demand for assistant directors.But that's now what amazed me ,the thing that amazed me was the qualification that the assistant director should have.

1.He should know english very well (so that he can watch some hollywood films for reference)
2.he should defanetly know korean ( because there some good korean films coming these days, the thing is that they forget that there are subtitles in english in DVDs)
3.He should grow long hair ( i have no idea y )
4.He should be rich enough to work with out pay.
5.he should be lookig at the sky all the time and smoking ,so that he can feel very well (for god sake what the heck is this word "feeling") smoking ganja will be a added advantage.
6.Not necessar that he should know Tamil (hahha they are making Tamil films, film has no boundry when it comes to language)
7.he/she should know how to use softwares like DVD rippers and other mpeg rippers.

My question alway is "what is the story of the film ?"
their answer mostly is HAVE YOU SEEN THIS &^%^&&&(that represts som language) FILM ?*&^%$%^^(that represents the name of the film) ,SOME THING OF THAT SORT.
My answer mostly is NO, I HAVE'NT SEEN THAT(even if i had seen the film, this gives them a secured feeling that no one in India has seen that film)

Apart from the big market for assistant directors , there is a real good market for original content thats what i understood,because two or three guys i met had refered the same korean film for their new script accidently...good knows year there is going to be another VEEGAM & NAYAGAN

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