Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Theory of relativity

This teacher,she use to teach us physics in V.A.T, in class XI and XII.
She is a very funny teacher ,if i tell u a small incident ,then u might understand how funny she is.
In class XI we were introduced to this funny and famous theory called therory of relativity.She is some one who can never even understand Newton's first law, so think how she use to teach Theory of relativity.So the follwing thing happenes every day in class.
She will come to class and ask one of my class mates ,preferably Suresh (because she hates suresh like hell , we had no idea y ) to get up and start reading the chapter.Suresh will already be prepared and will start reading it.
once the first two pages are over,The physics teacher asks the class " Did everyone understand "
We all look each other with a blank face ( we use to get scared that ,if we say "yes", then she might ask questions) and say "NO"
Now her face goes bit red and will ask Senthil (the next in the 'i hate these students ' list) to read the same pages.
Senthil will already be ready and will get up and start reading those pages with difficulty.
Now she will ask him to sit and ask "Did u people understand" Our answer will be "NO" (Obvisouly ,since nothing was taught , it was just a reading, how the hell were we suppose to understand any shit) .
Now she gets pissed off very badly and her face turns reddish of the red and she says " These two people have explained u so well and i have been spending time to teach you guys, u guys don't concentarte in class and dream so much,why the hell should we teach such a arrogant class" .
Listening to the speech Suresh and Senthil feel good about their Skills of teaching their peer but are pissed with their classmates that ,they have insulted their skills by saying "No we did'nt understand, so they turn their faces away from us.
Now the physics teacher says "Ok, this is the last time i will try explaining u guys,Davoud(that's how she spells my name) get up and read those pages,slowly" (I USE TO BE THE THIRD BAKRA IN THE LIST,SOME TIMES FIRST).
I get up with a pride that, i can explain my friends and start reading the pages slowly ( till now those who have read ,have just been reading ,never expained a single line,note the point,and me too going to do the same thing)
When i finish reading i look around my freind's face , it looks as blank as a clean slate , i understand that its a bad day and sit quietly.
The physics teacher asks "Did u atleast understand now"( she makes her face so bad that even a ghost will go mad seeing the face).
The stundents say "Yes Miss" in chorus ( there is a BGM of victory ) a victorious smile is seen in the faces of readers and the teacher, but a pathetic smile on the faces of my friends, filled with fear.
The bell rings ,the period gets over.
The teacher says "Ok now you have understood the concept right, you go home and read and understand the rest of the chapter and ask the class leader if u have any doubts" ,she looks at the class leader and says "If u have any doubts, that u are not able to explain the others, ask me ".She again looks at the class and says "we are going have a test on this chapter tomoro ,so be prepared ".I WAS THE SADDEST CLASS LEADER

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