Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jayamkondan , a review

Umm this one film which i would like to call a proper "commercial format".
This is the kind of film which always gets a review from mags saying that "you can watch with ur family" types.
Hats off to the director.Cool, simple, very tangable and commercial plot.
The Madurai accent has worked very well with everyone, even with the female lead.
Kishore bhai is owsome , he has proved it again, the elegance and simplicity of the villan is real cool.
Real good and simple subplots.
Though the story comes closer to Agni Nakshatram , even some situations (like when the hero gets angry with her step sister and goes to meet her mother ,and finds her dead) .Still the old wine has worked very well...
good film , very entertaining and worth watching


Jithin K.Rajeev said...

I watched the movie. Though the movie started of real good, and it had a promising plot, I felt that the climax was messed up.
There could have been a better interesting climax and a catchy ending to the movie.
It finished like just another Hero-Villain saga.

Sheik Dawood G said...

that's true ..the climax is bit messed up , they went into a different issue of gundas and rowdyisum leaving the main plot of sister-brother relationship.
the long speech by vivek at the end was bit irritating, and the whole freinds gang scenes were very plastic and irritating