Saturday, July 19, 2008

celebrating the 65 post

this blog was started for just to post stuff which are really not improtant in our lifes but might be important for others like "how to become a billioner with 2 dollars"
how to become a us prisedent wen u don have a us citizenship
how to make ur self happy by jumping inside a well ,were there is no water.
how to make jiju cry.
how to make manmohan singh laugh during the time of crisis of nu deal,elections and inflations.
how to .. how tooooo... how not toooooo

but it tured out to be different ......i started posting someting else which

1 comment:

a fan said...

Hey Dawood,
good to see a blog with regular posts :)
hope to see more posts related to your movie direction venture and also movie reviews.