Saturday, July 5, 2008

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MBA Insider Spotlight
Ivey's Two-Interview Process
At the University of Western Ontario, prospective students meet with both admissions and the career management team to ensure a good fit (MBA Insider subscribers only)
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This is how I see the current economic environment: Ben Bernanke is trying to drive a school bus up one of those curvy, Rocky Mountain roads with it raining sub-prime mortgages making slippery slopes for him to steer. On top of that he has the rising mountain of inflation to the left and the precipitous drop in economic output on the right...
—By Shawn Snyder, MBA Blogs
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Top Stories
Salary Offers Move Higher
Overall starting salaries for 2008 graduates post a 7.1% increase, according to a quarterly report, in spite of the slowdown
GMAT Scandal Has MBA Students Sweating
Users of the shuttered GMAT test prep site Scoretop are worried about penalties
Plus: GMAT Cheating Controversy Grows
Plus: GMAT Cheating Scandal: Answers from GMAC
Poll: What Should MBA Programs Do?
Into the Eye of the Credit Storm
Our Sloan student is ready to enter the job market, and in these uncertain times, he's heading straight for the high-yield and distressed debt sector
Plus: Finding the Right Internship
Plus: 'To Dos' and 'I Dos'
Plus: Gaining Insight from Internships
Five Ways to Ruin an Application Essay
Looking to write an application essay that will push you to the bottom of the applicant pool? Here are some good ways to do it
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Potential employers enjoy asking MBA applicants some off-the-wall questions. Here's how to not get rattled
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Fuqua Puts Scandal Behind It
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Plus: Duke MBAs Fail Ethics Test
To Vietnam, and Graduation
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Plus: The Great Race
Plus: Senior Stress Has Its Rewards
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Reader Manish Jain Writes:
"It's distressed investing: The US is on sale and everyone is shopping."
Tell Us: Does Bollywood Need Hollywood?

What’s Your Problem?
We all have workplace problems. Share with us, and your fellow readers, the hurdles you've faced—and how you've tried to clear them.
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The Business Behind Music
Robert Sumichrast, Dean of the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business talks about a new music business program, Africa programs, and other new initiatives at the school
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London Business School Admissions Chat
Representatives of the prestigious program recently answered questions from prospective students about admissions. Here's a transcript of the online chat
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The Value-Creation Challenge
Business schools should create three kinds of value: academic, personal, and social. All are important

Debate Room
Eco-Restrictions Cap Oil Production
Environmentalists are to blame for reducing the U.S. oil supply. Pro or con?

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Graduating into a Recession
It's Looking Grim for New Grads
Recession-time MBAs face tough choices—and more modest earnings over their lifetimes
Scant Pay Growth for Business Grads
Recession Grads' Survival Tips
Job Searchers Face a New Reality
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