Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hancock , i loved it , a review

I cannot technically call this a review because it will be totally biased on , the reason being
1.Im a big fan of will smith
2.Im a big and blind fan of super hero movies.
There are certain things i liked about the film.
Usually when i use to watch the films when i was a kid i alwasy use to wonder that when in films ,when a hero goes to save some one ,especially when there is a chase sequence on road , he would be destroying a lot things on the way but in the end he saves the herioen and gets parised by people.
But this is one of the very few films which has addressed this issue of the sabotage these heroes cause to show their powers.
The film had a amazing special effect , especially when ever Will picks up and trows things , that was cool.
In general its not a great film or a great story but it was cool to watch .
Storywise i liked one thing about the film was ,that there were no big villians or some villans with equal power, but most of the people din like ,because its away from usual,instead they had placed the female lead role to take care of that equality factor.
The story patternwise it was not a right commercial, they should have placed some hero eyal to him , but i liked the whole pattern ,may be its because im a fan :)

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