Monday, July 14, 2008

engieering results and the results after the results

i still remember the fuzz that happened after 1996-97 engineering results were announced , that was the first batch to have single window system for engineering admissions in tamilnadu . hundreds of petitions against the move and some cases asking for re val becase they had a question out of sylabus in maths and the first time when india today came out with a rating on the top engineering colleges in india.

the same thig repeats this year and the year last entrace for the first time, the reason said that the rual kids will not get access to entrance coaching.
before that govt had introduced rural cota in the year 97 to help the rural kids to get access.

the point is that ,its good on the part of govt to help out rural kids but by abolishing entrance they are just questioning the inteligence of the rural students.
as far as i know equal no of rural students have entered into my bact of engineering eevne wen they had entrance.
entrance exams are a good way of sorting out proper intelligent ,the sylabus we have in +2 is nothing , the books are sad.the few hundred pages of physics,chemistry and maths ( so called pcm) can be mugged by any one in a gen period of 3 months.
and even a math problem with additional integral or diff is applied parents rush into to file a petition.
so to estimate the right intellgent entance is the right way.

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