Monday, July 21, 2008

mukkonam, a offer :) as a writer

Hi guys ,
This is the first time im posting a offer for writers in English.
Coming to the point as usual.
I have decided on the first script which im going to work on, its done already.
Name of the film : Mukkonam (working title)
genere(g/jonere): "Ithu oru vityasamana kathai" ( its a very different story), coming to the point its a very simple uncomplicated ,understood basically by everyone types about normal humban beings.Only difference it will make is the kind of narrative,the characters,the background and style.
the offere now : i wanted some one to write this story as a novel ,this novel will be released along with the if any of the bloggers or any one who has a good taste for writing can get in touch with me on my mail id the title and the rights as a writer and other things will be as legal as a the normal novel rights and stuff.
im planing to make this feature first in tamil then in hindi and if its a mega mega super duper and bluper hit we will make this in english toooooo
the reason being ,if we don make it ourself then some one else will take the right of inspiratin and make it in the respective languages with no no legal rights .

please do get in touch if any one interested .
my first preference is my friend Mr.Sidin :) but i have not yet spoken to mr.sidin on this .if he agrees then it will be great :)

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Prashant Sree said...

hi dawood,

came across your blog accidentally which incidentally turned out to be surprise ;). The title of story is different. Liked it. Looking forward to more views and thoughts on that ;)