Wednesday, July 23, 2008

it was fun watching our parlimentry session...but feel like a shit underneth

i don know weather to feel proud,good,happy,bad,sad or ashamed to say that the parlimentry session on 22/7/08 was fun to watch.This is the first time in all my life i turned on the loksabha channel and sat and watched the whole session yesterday.
What to say .
1.The session was worst than a U.K.G Class room for children who have irresponsible parents ,who have never taught them how to behave in life.
2.It was better than a india vs pak test match.
3.It was exciting than Guy Ritchie film , so much of twist and turns , the un edited version of the parlimentry session by itself was so many turning points ,though u know that the hero is going to win in the end you still be pulled to the edge of the seat , u fell like whats going to happen next ,who is going to do what.
4.The most interesting part of the session was when Lal0000 ji spoke and every one was laughing like sit com laugh track.
5. The other interesting part was when the bjp people pulled out the money bundles from the bag.
It was all fun and exciting to watch .......

But underneth u feel like shit that these are the people who rule the country, and we have choosen them.......

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