Monday, July 14, 2008

why government and government aided engineering colleges

i have seen guys rushing to get the course they wanted or prefered not seeing the college.
govt or govt engineering colleges are any time better than the private institutions with just names on the top listings.
im not denyig the fact that there are instsitutions which are good.
but the ratngs which come are mostly unbeliveble.
the reason being some colleges don participate in ratings so they are completly ignored from the list . so the best way to get the rating is to from the students who are already doing their course in colleges .
any time govt and govt aided colleges are better , the reason being .
1. the facilities in terms of labs, research and resourse
2. the qualified faculties and the experience.
3. the low fee structure
4. the financial aids like scholarships .
5. placements , the preference by the companies on theses colleges over the others.

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