Monday, July 14, 2008

inflation and global warming ,greenhouse gases,price rise and andhra

every time period has a inn thing to write about, to talk about and to blame it on to.
like earlier ramjanma bhoomi,global market,2000 the millenium bug ,reservation .ect ect..blaaa blaaa blaaa
right now the in thing to blame it on is inflation and global warming.

mom: " why did u get poor marks and got 3rd rank in class"
kid: "mom inflation "

by the way nowadays when i meet any parents with kids they say"my son/daughter is the first rank in class" i have no i idea who are those kids who take the 2nd and 3rd and 45th ranks of the class.

wife : " ajiii what happened ,u have not got any incriment this year from ur company"
husband : " global warmning, oil price,povery in andhra, the neibhour kid got 1st rank and ummmmm....... inflation"

so everything is interlinked and connected some or the other way.

last week my freind had a break up and told me the reason was global warming and inflation.
he was correct one or the other way ... i examined the situation.
it will be very funny if i tell u how its connected to global warming and inflation .... i don want you to laugh out loud lol and increase the global warming ( nigerian scientist have found out that by laughing a human can produce .23 cubic meters of methane which is sole rebonsible stuff to increase global temp and the main ingrideient of green house gases , that inturn will increae global warming and stuff)
so just sit and think how ur getting effected by global waring ot inflation ...if u have some interestig incidents on how u got effected by the both please do post

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