Monday, July 7, 2008

updates on upcoming projects for 2008-2009 ,skykap production,sheik dawood.g

Hi ppl,
its been two yesrs ever since we uploaded our last short flick.
Here is the update on the of projects we are into

untitled:a tamil feature
A romantic comedy with lot of fun and colours in life.

Mukkonam:a tamil feature
A intriguing story of three characters and their lives.A collection of life style from the north ,central and the south madras.
whats interesting about the project is that its going to be three complere stories which will have a compliting last story.

untitled:a cross over of tamil and urdu short
a short film on terrorism and how it effects a normal life form .

people who are interested in working as assistant directors to editors to other areas can apply .

we would also be interested in people who would like to media partners,co-producers and film promoters for such projects.for the investors required budget and revenue reports will be given on request.

dawood sait
g.sheik dawood

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Mark- Ruta said...

All the best Dawood Ji.
Let me know when u r planning to start the shoot. I need a break from this technological shit !!!