Monday, July 21, 2008

recent experience in the tamil FILM industry

u can never call a trend good ,bad or ugly.A trend is a the recent past, may be for the past three four years the films which have become hit in tamil have a very base line : a bunch of low life guys ,with no job ,sitting on the wall types may be ( in tamil a specific word called THELLAVARI PASANGA") who are absued by parents,teachers and the parent-teacher association, get into trouble but they come up with something and the whole world praises.
Its not new its a basic three act hollywood narrative , but the point is the Thellavari characters have really come up in the market .And most of the films which have such characters who abuse their parents sort or basically use abusive language have really got good support from the audiance ........
so the point is that .... this is the in thing in the industry

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