Monday, August 11, 2008

Aamir - i just loved it, the film review

Film :Aamir
Language :Hindi
One of the best films i have seen the past 5 years,this is one film which real had the smell of Mumbai in its Cinematography after Black Friday and Salam Bombay.Both Salam bombay and Black friday are my favourite films on Mumbai life , the next comes Aamir.The cinematogarphy is handeled so well especially the outdoor shots were real cool ones,its may be because Alphose has a good Docu experience on handeling the unorganised crowd shots which are candid, which is most difficult.The scene were he organises the traffic to the shot were he runs in the main road high way is real cool hots,hats off to Alphonse Roy.
The next thing is the actors in the film , real sexy acting ,especially the lead role, when he breathes hard on the road , u really feel insufecient oxygen in ur lung,he has done extremely well .
The next is art direction has really flavoured the film which gave the smell of mumbai,real real cool and natural.
The next one is the whole plot point of the film , its really amazing when the whole story turns around.This treatment is one of the best inters of so called twist ,when u show a sequence which gives a story which is believeable at the same time very normal and commercial and then the whole thing turns to a different new setup is a good treatment.
I have a very bad habit of projecting the story and trying to find out what will happen next and try to find out weather what ever i think will happen next or not(it happens with all screenwriters while watching the film ,i suppose) even in this film i had luckily cracked the end , but was waiting to see how the director will handel the bobm blast shot , it was a really good the way he had shown the blast shot without blood and violence , hats off to direction and screenplay.
The most of all the issues that were discused in the film.In one single film the drector had discussed ,addressed and taken up so many issues in such a little time ,its socially a relevant film, when u come out of the theatre, still there so many things,questions and the story runs inside u.
Best part in the whole treatment of the film i liked was about the family of the lead role, what happeend to them.According to the visual the leadrole thinks what will happen to his family then comes a scene where his family is being killed by the villian , so did they really kill the family or not , because the hero has never seen the villan ,so it cant be imagination ,because they show the villan ,and he has not seen the villan.But the same time it was shown as if he thinks on what will happen to his family , and in the end its shown that the villan had set him up on the theft of the suitcase.So peopele can either take it as his family is dead or still believe that they are alive, this mentally makes u to carry the story and the issue home after leaving the theatre, that was real good way of handiling a film based on issues.
On the whole its one film i would love to watch one more time just to see the out door shots of mumbai.
On the whole its one of the best films of this year, please do watch it .

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