Friday, August 15, 2008

Night life at rec trichy, party everday

Most of the times when u think of the best times in rec - trichy (NIT-Trichy) its the life we have in the night.I have no idea weather its the same now , or weather the other colleges in our time had a similar life.But rect night life was so cool.Iam talking about 97-2001.Most of the day time goes in by bunking and attending classes to manage the attendence so that you don get a fine or a yearback in the end of the sem.But all that it starts is the fun after 5pm.
July first week is wen the placement starts ,so from the day of placement you will have some or the other party going on in some or the other hostels every day.Its like got placed party,going to get placed party,kela milgaya written mein party,kela milgaya interview mein party. .Apart from this from freshie to farewell, senti to elections,girl freind patgayi to break up,hostel fights to criecket match,sem paper to cycle test..all i could remember is parties.So if u know the right people you can attend some or the other parties every day:).some times in thiruvarumbur,some times on the terrace some times in SAMFY(i don know weather it still exists ,or the name is changed,it was also called SAMFOX,REASON WAS THAT SOME YEARS AGO SOME SENIOR NOTICED THAT IT HAD A SAMANTHA FOX POSTER ,HE NAMED IT SAMFOX).I still remember wen we use to go to central busstand in the mid night at 2.30 to just to have a tea(a tedeious process of stopping the Tanjavur bus and travelling).43 times to gate ,7 times to bell nagar tea shop,3 times to thuvakudi malai and thuvax ,once to central that was the time table guys use to follow.One good thing is we never had any restriction on going in and out and i don remember any such incidents wen our guys misused it ever,it was all safe all night , thanks to those security annas ....that was freedom,wen in think of freedom today :)

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