Tuesday, August 5, 2008

its a disgrace to pressurise or plead or even to beg some one to convert from one religion to an other

We all would have heared stories of people getting converted to get married to some one from an other religion.When ever we hear such stories we fell good and think that, how much that person would have loved her/him that he gave up his religion and got converted, but have we ever thought of such thing as how much she/he who got converted would have suffered to do this.
1.Do people really come forwared to get converted volunteerly ? i don think so.
Most of the time its out of pressure they do it.Mostly women are the victims, women get converted to guys religion ,because in this scoiety they are the weakest and would said fall victim if the guys parenst don agree.
If the guy loves her so much will he ask her to get convert is a big question i always have in my mind.
2.One fine day ,Is it possible to pray a different god,go into a new religious practise ,forget what u leart all these days and read out new rules from some new book.
3.what kind of suffering will the persons family goes through.
4.No religion in this whole world permits or supports a pressurised convertion,if it supports then it can not be a religion which is for the betterment of human kind.
5.forget about love for each other ,do people respect eachothers right as a citizen of this country , do they respect our constitutional law, were u have right to practise the religion u want.
6.do people really love each other.

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