Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Something ,somehow and somewerehe are the three most possible dirty words in the dictonary of art.
Example :

Editor : "sir what ever footage u have given is not enogh and the shots u have taken will not suit this scene, its difficult to bring out the kind of emotion u want"
Director: Put something somewere and bring out the emotion somehow
Editor :Sir How sir.
Director:The guy is talking something here right,u cut shot somehow it suits and put something in the middle and get the thing done some how.

The above is a very normal discussion that goes on.

I have found similar situations not just in the world of art but everywere from softwar to steel industry.

In normal life we see people talking

Manager : "were are you ,how many clients have you met today,ok listen i will give you this list which i was suppose to give you last month, since tomoro is the dead line we have to meet all these clients today itself, some of the clients are in Parrys ,some in perambur,some in adayar some in tamabaram ,but listen tamabaram guys we cannot meet now because i already told him that u will meet him in the evening"
Sales Rep:Sir im in tambaram now and it will take me minimum 20 mins to reach there to the next client ,even if i come in slim traffic.And i think i can meet the tambaram guy now.
Manager : why don u guys realise the pressure yarr.Do some thing , i don want listen anything.somehow meet these people ,wait i have kept the list somewere i will search it and tell u the names.....
Cut the call , i will call u back some one is calling.
Sales guy : Abusing the managers whole family from his great great great grand father to the next 456999 generations to come in his mind and says " OK Sir"

For the next 4 hours the sales rep wont receive a call from the manager and will be waiting for him to call, and when he calls the manager either the no will be busy or he will tell that he will call back in 3 seconds.

After 5 hours
Manager : what happened , did you meet someone.
Sales rep: sir u said u will call up and give me the list
Manager:dont u know to call me, how irresponsible u guys are, u have no idea about the pressure im getting from the top management.
Sales guy ; but i called u sir
Manager : now don give me reasons of ur incapabilities
OK someone is calling , i will call u in some time and cuts the phone.

This goes on till the afternoon, then comes the lunch and comes the evening tea and comes the real working time of after 7.

Manager: were are u , did u meet someone.
Sales rep:sir the list.

Managere somehow searches and picks up the list and tells the names.

Sales rep : sir this is last months list , i already have it sir, we have met everyone.
Manager: u should have told me already that u hav ethis list , how irresponsible u are ,u have no idea what kind of pressure im under.

By now the time would have been 9.

Manager :i work till 9 in the night and bare all the pressure and u guys cooly roame around the city and have fun.
Sales rep again starts the list from the BC generation of the managers family and ends it in 4009 and abuses.

This happenes every day in all our lifes and still we are all happy somewere ,somehow doing something with someone

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lol! good one :)
didnt knw u wrote on such a regular basis. way to go boss!