Monday, August 18, 2008

Message Of The Film Is

Yesterday i was talking to someone about a film and asked him how is it.The answer was "There was no message in the film,other than that the film was good"
Then i tried exploring what this message these people are talking about,because i have heared this word a lot of times from lot of film goers "message"
The thing is people want the film to deliver some or the other message to the society blankly ,its something like the moral of the story is types.
But i wonder is our society gone so backward that you have to learn Morals only from films.Its correct if something bad is delivered and some one speaks against it (that by itself i don agree, because what is good for some one is bad for some or the others ).Only if u start expecting messages, the film makers will give their own messages in the film , which is called preaching ,which inturn is also bad (who decides which preaching is good or bad) so don push the film makers to preach thier philosophies.
If you have not learnt that stealing is wrong,drinking is bad for your health,killing is sin and illegal in these past so many years from your parents ,teachers and from the society think how bad is ur up bringing when u search for a message in a film so that you can learn from it.
Im sorry if it hurts some people, but its how it is.Its because of this reason were u always expect messages and forwarded messages from films ,our demi gods of this society have flourised from the film industry.
Each film is given a certificate by sensor board , but still there are no strict rules in theatres and even parents don mind taking kids to watch violent films,and they expect messages from films.
A film is a film thats all ,its nothing more or less than what it is.
I told the above guy, to give me his cell no so that i can send him all the useless forwarded messages that i get on my cell no.

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