Sunday, August 3, 2008

skykap paoduction site revamped , on a trial run

Our company site is been revamped and we have uploaded it on a trial run to see check the compatibility , if any one visits the site please do let us know weather there is any problem in logging the site .still some changes in the content and the style has to be made.



weight loss pills said...

Dawood Ji,
i have checked your website and have few suggestions. As i am working as a Search Engine Optmizer, i do have many point to recommend that would not make much sense to you guys.. Coz, u don aim at promotion of company online. if so, check out this:

Your website loads Slow- i guess due to flash content.
Search engines won't read flash contents so Your site need to work on keywords to get listed in Search engines for a defines keywords...

Always recomended to add contents other than flash..
Okay bla bla bla..
So many points in SEO perspective..
By design it looks awesome.. i felt like an Ohm Shanthi Ohm.. Film.
the color tone resemble the time and space aged and cool.. Good Job done by your design team.

Sheik Dawood G said...

thanks ji ,for the suggestions , its really helpful,we had done the whole site on flash already so we couldn change,rite now we r developing the same desingn on normal platform which can detect content.thanks for the suggetsions .all the best