Wednesday, August 20, 2008

cold calls and hot talks, how to tackle a cold call

I have no idea how these credit card companies find the right time when your in the middle of something which is very important in your life or something like that of a situation.
The follwing is a true story .

Till few months back:
I use to get cold calls from lot of credit card comapnies asking to get credit cards.
They call me when ever im in the middle of some meeting or your expecting some calls.Since its a unknown no sometimes i don pick up call if im busy ,then i call back and find that its a cold call for credit card.
You get pissed of badly for wasting a call &^%$$#@##@!
Then on top of that ,since u have called back they store ur no and call you again and again ,then u again get pissed off , you tell them politely that u don need a card (if its a girl) ,some times in a harsh manner ( if its a guy ), then u get pissed off again when they ask the reason for not taking thier card.
This use to happen once or twice in month atleast , sometimes 4 ,5 times.
I was really pissed off, but i had to find some way to convert this cold call situations to some useful stuff , Eurekaaa and Eurekaaaa forbesss ! i came out with a wonderfull, colourfull way of tacklikng this and also making use of it.

From the day i found the solution this is wat happens:

Cold call guy(cc) :sir we are calling from some bank and we would like to offer u a credit card.
Me:wow thats cool , thats really great , i would love to have the card.
cold call guy :Thank you sir , we would like to know some details to allot the type of card .
Me: sure go on
CC:sir do u have any other card
Me:I have a ration card and a visiting card.
CC:sir no , im asking about any credit card u have.
Me:Ohh sorry , i don have one right now, i had it earlier but since i din pay the back the money, they took it back,wil that be a problem.
CC:ohh no sir , i can any way get u .do u have a bank account.
Me:nope ,i used to have a account, since i don maintain a minimum balance for teh past 9 years ,they cancelled my account.
CC:sir what do u do sir, you profession, do u have a pan card and incometax returns filed.
Me: i catch Frogs from the gutter and sell it to the restaurants in alanthur , so im not a tax accesse, so tell me wen can i collect my credit card.
CC:sir , im really sorry sir , ur not eligeble for our card.sorry sir

And keeps the phone down before i say something.

I call back to the no and start talking to him and beg him to get me a card , some time they get pissed and cut the call.....they delete my no from their cold call database........:) they day is saved

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John E said...

I have a similar story to tell.