Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NairSan , a japenese film

One of our business partners from Skykap Production,Mr.Arun Pillai has joined the project,assisting the Director Mr.Albert.
This international exposure will bring in a flavour of experience into our team.All the best Arun.
Personally, i have been looking forward for this film on three reasons,
1.There are few good films made on heroes, who fought for our nation's indipendence, this is one such film which will throw light on such a hero.
2.This film will open up unseen market avenues for historical-crossover film.
3.Myself a great fan of Lal Yetan and Jackie Ji :)
All the very best to Nairsan team........

site :www.nairsan.com

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Sheik Dawood G said...

This is to notify that Arun is no more working in the project ,Nair San.