Monday, August 18, 2008


Yesterday was suppose to be the last day of ice exhibition in chennai, it was in the island ground.Its basically a consumer exhibition for home needs, since im moving into a new house i thought i would visit and get some stuff on a lower price .The last time i ever went for some exhibition was some 10 years back thats what i could remember.From then a lot has changed ,i could remember the exhibition on island ground which we had visited during my class 5 vacation.Now its all hifi shops were you can even buy a lop top to hi def tv.In those days u could max find some toys which will stop working by the time you reach home.
Some of the things which ahve not changed are.
1.The Molaga bajji(the long green chilli bujji) and appalam shop.This one shop which had more customers who were really buying .I have no idea on the history about how this shops came into exhibitions,these shops have a long history.
2.The Simple-HiFi vegetable slicers shop.I still remember, when ever we use to go for some exhibition my every one would stop to see how these guys slice down vegetables in different shapes so easily ,peel off skin so simply and would buy also.But i have also seen that wen u come home and try u would always fail to achive what u had seen , its funny ,its something like majic.
3.The soap bubble water in bottles for kids to blow up bubbles, one development in this product is that , now u get bigger ,better ,stronger bubbles which stays for longer( they were using some synthetic tech for thenew generation bubbles).
4.Useless-stuff-shop, this a kind of shop which is always found in all exhibition were there will be a lot stuff lying and would be something like 4 stuff for 100 rupees(the price depends on the inflation ) .The stufss will look as if they are very useful(this is a mental cheat , this happens wen u find things on a cheaper price,cheap doesnt mean its cheaper than outside price but u some how feel its cheaper, or sometimes its like u want to buy something or the other since u have come) but on a second thought u will realise its useless , example the 23rd nail cutter that ur buying,the 45th screw driver set,56th key chain with ur name on it,99th useless plate which u will never use.
5.Buying behaviour - No one was buying anyting from shops otherthan from above mentioned shops.Siply checking out prices.

Some how i could luckily find the 89th nailcutter and bought it :)

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