Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kuselan ,the worst version of Katha parayumbol

It was very disappointing.
It's a very good example of how a good script can possibly be handeled bad when its given in the hands of a medioker dir like P.Vasu.
It can never match Katha parayumbol(The Malayalam original)


Jithin said...

Which one should I watch first. I am thinking of watching Kuselan first and then Katha Parayumbol, so that I can feel the true marvel, Sreenivasan and the entire crew of Katha Parayumbol has spelled.

Sheik Dawood G said...

if u ask me , i would honestly say watch katha parayumbol,its a excellent work.If you want to loose respect on remakes and want to see the worst extreme of KATHA PARAYUMBOL then watch Kuselan after that.
I have a great hope on Priyadarshan so i think u should first watch KP then wait for Priyadarshan's version then watch Kuselan.
Inspite of being a great of of Rajini im commenting this :)