Wednesday, August 6, 2008

don u have freedom on your own cell phone

We are one generation which has lived both in the world were there were no cell phones and in a world were every one carries like a external organ in their body.
last week i was out of station and forgot to carry my cell phone charger as usual.My phone was switch off for 48 hours.When i switched on my mobile there were 22 sms and some missed calls delieverd as mesage fro vodafone.
All the sms was about.
why din u pick up my call
what happened
cant u pick my call
why have u switched off ur phone.
When i called back to the nos from where i had got missed calls , they were very angry...
People get offended when someone's phone is switched off or if he/she doent pick the call.
My question is that ,don i have right to switch off my phone or don i have a choice to pick the call which i want to.
Its my bloody phone and i have damn good right to choose on the action i want to proceed for.
Don get offened by this , but most of the calls are useless call centre, sales and hai hello and missed calls(that has to be called back)

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