Tuesday, August 5, 2008

religious people have caused more harm to this society than the atheist

In the past two weeks what ever has happened proves one thing very clearly that people who believe in GOD can cause more damage to human beings and this society than atheist who don believe in God.
In the whole of human history i have never heared that any atheist who killed people in the name of atheism or pressurised people to follow his way.But each page of the world history bears the blood of people who were killed by the so called GOD believers.They claim to be the believers of GOD ,and claim on the top that GOD created this world and claim on the top most that they do this killing for GOD.how funny ,stupid,idiotic and asaholic explanation is this , don you feel stupid to give such a shit answer.How the hell can u kill some one who is created by ur own god, so either it means that God is so stupid to create these people who u claim are bad and killed , or god is super stupid to create some one like u who kills the people who were created by God,whome u pray.
So are u stupid or u claim that God is stupid.....both ways its a paradox.

Either ways what ever arguments these people have ,killing any human can never be forgiven, its the extreme act of sadism.Who the fuck gives u the right on a human life.Every one in this world has a right to live and who the hell are u to judge the lives of innocent people ,is'nt it a cowrdly act to take the lives of innocent soft targets.This not only proves that these people are not just stupids by contridicting their own words,but also bollsless impotents.

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