Tuesday, August 5, 2008

real sad stuff,so called media

Film making though has been there forr a long time even before software industry was started , still its not been accepted as a respectable profession among the some people.
The main reason being that its exposed to media so much , the whole media world plus the audiance live on it.If some thing looks like moving the media says that its crawling,the news paper will say that its swimming,the websites will say that flying and the tv will say that its flying without wings,Thats what happenes usually.
When a common man or his personal issues get exposed to media , they say that there is no ethics and media has no bloody rights to talk about it ,but when some one from the film industry get exposed , they call it entertainment.Even their personl life is consider to be a entertainment and people make money out of it and the people who desperately watch this have fun out it.Its real sad.
When some one makes a movie about a real incident , every one raises voice on different platform on different grounds of religion,personal life and region ,but when papers and tvs come out with supid news on the personal life of a actor or a actress media calls it as its right ,how sad.
Now this has come into the lifes common man like the Arushi's case to the women who wanted to abort her kid .The whole world has seen their faces and when they walk on the road tomoro every one will talk about them and this breach into the personal lives of people is real sad.

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